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What is Transepidermal Water Loss? (TEWL)

Fall is here! This means that for the next few months our skin is prone to dehydration or Transepidermal Water Loss! Let’s talk about it!

TEWL is a measurement that represents the amount of water that escapes from the stratum corneum per area of skin. It is one of the most important skin barrier characteristics. High TEWL means a weaker skin barrier, low TEWL means a stronger skin barrier.

TEWL can be triggered by: skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis or rosacea, dry weather, excessive time with dry air indoors, extremely hot water, over-washing, over-exfoliating and scrubbing with harsh soaps.

It is essential when treating a skin condition like acne, to keep the skin barrier function working optimally. This means keeping the skin hydrated throughout the day, to compensate for any dryness that actives could be causing.

Ingredients to treat and prevent TEWL:

- A good quality moisturizer

- Humectants

- Occlusives

- Emollients

- Glycerin

- Hyaluronic Acid

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