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Cellular Turnover 101

Cellular turnover 101 today! 📚

What is cellular turnover?

This is the process of new healthy, youthful skin cells making their way to the skin’s surface and then shedding off. These skin cells become dry, rough, and flakey as they move to the surface. This is what we commonly refer to as dead skin cells. Fortunately, as these cells arrive at the surface, new skin cells push up from beneath. While it’s a constant cycle, this process slows down as we age and is called the cellular turnover rate. This is also why kids have such gorgeous plump-looking skin = fast cellular turnover.

A slower cellular turnover rate means skin can look dull, as well as the formation of wrinkles and deep and fine lines. It’s also been found to be less efficient in people with acne. Those dead skin cells can become trapped and block the excretion of P. acnes bacteria and sebum produced within the skin resulting in a blackhead or pimple.

Factors that slow cellular turnover:

• Instrinctic aging, aka the natural aging process, first and foremost

• Smoking

• Too much sun exposure

• Pollution

• Hormones

• Poor nutrition

• Illness/Stress

Ways to boost cellular turnover:

• Antioxidants + SPF (Environmental free radicals slow this process)

• AHA - specifically glycolic acid

• BHA - great for acne/blackhead prone

• Professionally performed peels

• Resurfacing laser treatments

• Fruit Enzymes

• Alpha Lipoic Acid

• Retinoids - THE gold standard in cell-communicating ingredients.

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