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Benefits of Microcurrent

Do You Know These 5 Benefits Of Microcurrent?


⚡️Blood Flow

The low level electrical pulses that are provided by microcurrent will stimulate blood and lymphatic flow in the skin.



The microcurrent technology will send electric pulses into the skin that will trigger ATP production that helps to improve cellular function, thus improving oxygen levels, and hydration levels.



With stimulated oxygen and hydration levels, the skin has greater volume, this is compounded when the low level electrical pulses stimulate muscle contraction which leads to toned facial muscular structure.



The improved hydration levels and improved oxygen levels have cells operating at their highest levels. Then the improvement in the tone of the facial muscles, combined with high quality skin care will help to improve the firmness of the skin.



When the life of the skin cells extended through hydration and oxygenation, the live skin cells on the surface will more easily reflect light, causing the skin to appear luminous and glowing!


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